EHF Final4 Cologne

Home match for gbs! BeInSports engaged gbs to produce this amazing event with a medium size HD OB-Van plus HD SNG, 5 cameras, 2x EVS XT3, GFX etc.

gbs took care about the entire production team including director, vision mixer, EVS&GFX operators, cameracrew etc.

UEFA Europa League Final 2016, FC Liverpool vs FC Sevilla

British broadcaster BT Sport trusted for their 1st UEFA Europa-League Final in gbs. We provided one of Europe's most modern OB-van with 8x own cameras for pitchview studio, pitch presentation, field reporter with own RF steadicam, flash interviews, and commentary technique incl. remote camera, 4x EVS XT3 8ch. With more than 20x ISO Feeds from HB and UHD production gbs' production crew delivered smoothly a 4 hours live show from St.Jakobspark in Basel.

Basketball: Final4 in Berlin

beInSports appointed gbs to produce the unilateral signals of Europe's most prestigous Basketball Event for BeInSports France and MENA in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

Basketball Germany vs France

Dirk Nowitzki & Co versus the current European Champion.

gbs produced the unilateral feed for Canal+ France in the sold-out Lanxess Arena in Cologne end of August 2015. 



European Qualifier: Germany vs Poland

Polsat engaged gbs to produce the unilateral feed of the European Qualifier match Germany vs Poland. We used LDK6000 cameras, GV's Kayenne, Lawo's mc66, EVS XT2 6ch and Chyronhego graphics engine Lyric 64. We equipped the Pitchview studio, provided Commentary position, Pitchside Presentation, Flash Interview, Highlights and Analysis.

Microsoft X-Box at gamescom Cologne 2015: gbs produced daily show

This year gbs and UK based agency Attention Seekers offered a flightcase solution for Microsoft' X-Box daily Show from world's largest games convention. We used 5x Ikegami cameras incl. crane and browsing RF-camera, Chyronhego GFX system, EVS XT3, 2x SNGs with 1500min sat times and an online autocue system for all cameras. gbs also provided the technical and the production crew. (more)

UEFA Champions League Final 2015 for Canal+ France

Canal+ France decided to go again with gbs. We provided a new HDTV OB-Unit with 8x Ikegami cameras, 3 x EVS XT3 8ch., commentary unit (Riedel Artist 32), interviews from Flash Area, studio on the Announce Platform, pitch reporter and stand ups on pitch level. gbs engaged the entire production crew apart from director and vision mixer. (more)


UEFA Champions League Final 2015 for TVE Spain

gbs successfully delivered TVE's main sports show from Thursday to Saturday and in parallel from the 2nd production gallery numerous live stand ups and playouts for TVE's news channels and internet platforms.

Three days, more than 30x hours live program from two production galleries with 9 cameras & 3x EVS XT2 6channels. (more)

UEFA Champions League Final 2015 for TV Globo

TV Globo engaged gbs for the first time. gbs delivered successfully a full live program in HDTV including presentation from pitch level with a highlight show, commentary, stand ups and interviews. (more)


UEFA Champions League Final 2015 for ESPN Brazil

ESPN Brazil already produced the UCL Final in Munich 2012 with gbs. We produced the live feed for Brazil in HDTV, Dolby 5.1 with in total 4 cameras, 1x EVS XT2 6ch, commentary unit, pitch reporter, fan reporter outside the stadium, TV Compound Announce Platform etc.

Also ESPN left the OB-Van at 01:00am happy and satisfied. gbs is looking forward to the UCL Final 2016 in Milano! (more)


4k-Filming for new UEFA Champions-League Opening Sequence 2015-2017

gbs was appointed by Skibbly Media / Radiant Studios to provide 4k material of the UCL match FC Bayern Munich vs FC Porto (6:1). This footage will be part of the new UEFA Champions-League Opening Sequence and will be shown prior to any UCL match on the World Feed.

gbs filmed mainly player-in-action shots with Sony's latest F55 with a cabrio Zoom 85-300mm.

UEFA Champions League Semifinal FC Bayern Munich vs FC Barcelona

Once more gbs delivered succesfully a unilateral production for Canal+ France with HDTV OB-Unit with 8x cameras, 2x EVS XT3 8channels, commentary facilities, interviews, and Presentations with Highlights, SNG (2:1) etc. (more)

UEFA Champions League BVB Borussia Dortmund vs Juventus Turin

BeInSports France and BeInSports MENA engaged gbs to produce the unilateral feeds for this match including Commentary, Interviews and Presentations with Highlight and Analysis part. (more)

2015 - UCL Round of 16 & 1/4 Final - beinsports appointed gbs as production partner

gbs produced successfully all unilateral feeds for beinsports of the following matches:

Schalke 04 vs Real Madrid CF

FC Bayern Munich vs FC Shakthar Donetsk

BVB Borussia Dortmund vs Juventus Turin

FC Bayern Munich vs FC Porto

Microsoft X-Box at gamescom Cologne 2014: gbs produced the Keynote Speeches and the Showcases for Microsoft X-Box

The award winnning agency Attention Seekers has chosen gbs to produce the Keynote Event for Microsoft X-Box. This prestigous event was covered with 8 cameras, including a Jimmy Jib and one RF camera. gbs converted various formats and delivered signals for various platforms. A three day event with more than 1000minutes on satellite...


Microsoft™ engaged gbs for gamescom Cologne 2013

gbs was assigned to distribute the Live-Presentation of Microsoft's XBoxOne from the world's largest games convention in Cologne. gbs transmitted live Images of various games, Twitter posts and the entire studio production for the world wide gamer community. In total 840minutes of satellite space were carried out by two HDTV SNGs in MPEG2, DVB-S2.

Bayern vs Barcelona: TVE Spain and Canal+ France once again selected gbs

Another exiting football night in the Allianz Arena Munich, another German-Spanish Semifinal. FC Bayern Munich astonished the World of Football and gbs covered the 4:0 defeat in HDTV with 11 cameras for its clients TVE Spain and Canal+ France. gbs produced nearly 15hrs of program for its long term clients. more

World Feed Contribution & Distribution for FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifiers, ManU & Chelsea Summer Tour, Audi-Cup:

With more than 40 matches within the last three months it has been a hot summer for gbs. Our booking team of five experienced satellite coordinators and production managers is responsible for the entire Satellite Coordination for all matches of the Kentaro Group including AudiCup, Germany's away matches and numerous other FIFA WC 2014 qualifiers.

UEFA Champions-League, Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid

Using a RED epic camera and various Arri Alura lenses, gbs filmed feature material in 4k for sponsors of the UEFA Champions League during a thrilling match in one of the most exciting arenas. After the shoot, the RAW files were converted and graded. Because of gbs's tried and tested workflow, we were able to deliver the complete package of nearly 2TB (160min) to the client a mere 8 hours after the final whistle. more

UEFA Champions-League, FC Schalke 04 vs SC Montpellier

gbs produced the unilateral signal for beIN Sport France. For the pre-match show, halftime analysis with commentators in vision, and post-match highlight program, gbs provided a HDTV OB van with a Grass Vallev Kayak mixer, 6 LDK 6000 cameras, 1 SSL camera and 2 EVS XT-2. gbs provided the entire production crew including production & floor managers. more

UEFA Champions-League Finale 2012 in Munich

ESPN Brasil hired gbs to cover their programm from our mobile studio next to the Allianz Arena in Munich. Over three days, we produced 21hours of programming. We provided a HDTV OB van with integrated uplink, a Grass Valley Kayak HD300 and 3 LDK 8000 cameras. A fully synchronised power twinpack delivered the power for this event. gbs also provided 24/7 security and 60m of fencing. more

UEFA Champions-League, Semifinal, FC Bayern vs Real Madrid

A busy evening for gbs! We were chosen by two of the biggest broadcasters in the UCL family, Canal+ France and TVE Spain, to produce their programs. gbs provided 2 HDTV OB vans with a total of 16 cameras (LDK 6000, LDK 8000, LDK 8300), 3 EVS XT2, 2 HDTV SNGs, 4 floor managers, 2 make-up artists, 2 mobile production offices and 2 entire production crews. more

WBC Boxing Kltschko vs Chisora, Olympiahalle Munich

What a remarkable fight! gbs organized the unilateral feed for BoxNation on behalf of Input Media. The 5-hour show was produced in HDTV, 5.1 with commentary, a presentation studio and interviews inside the ring. gbs used a HDTV OB van with Kayak HD48, 5 cameras (LDKs 8000), a Lawo mc² audio desk and Riedel / Motorola communication devices. gbs provided the entire production facilities, including staff. more

UEFA Champions-League, FC Schalke 04 vs Manchester United

For the 3rd time within one year, EURO and World Cup director Jean-Jacques Ansellem directed with gbs facilities. The requirements were demanding not only because of space restrictions at the semifinal. We provided a streamliner outfitted with the latest engineering solutions: Lawo mc² 56, Grass Valley Kayak Kayenne 4 ME, 7 LDK 8000 cameras and 1 SSL LDK 8300, HDTV DVBS-2 SNG, EVS XT2. more

Hostbroadcasting of Friendly Match: Hamburger SV vs Glasgow Rangers

ESPN UK and Cask Production Ltd. called upon gbs to produce the HDTV world feed of the friendly match in Hamburg. We also provided several unilateral facilities such as fully and partially commentary positions and distributed the feeds via SNG.


UEFA Champions-League, Borussia Dortmund vs Olympique de Marseille

One of the numerous unilateral productions for our client Canal+ France: gbs provided the unilateral feed with French graphics from Delta Tre, 6 cameras, commentators, EVS XT2 for highlights from the indoor studio, interviews, production offices, catering, make-up artists and production staff.

Broadcast Venue Management for UEFA

gbs has been engaged by UEFA to support venue Teams, Clubs and federations all over Europe in various competitions.

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